Multiplayer game in virtual reality using elements of art therapy

Tereza Preislerová Supervisor: Uršula Žákovská Master thesis 2022
The aim of this thesis was to design and implement a social game in virtual reality that would use art as the main game mechanics and have a positive effect on the group dynamics of the players. The basic theory of group art therapy, review of existing solutions and conducted user research were used as an inspiration and reference for the design of the proposed final application. The thesis describes themes used in art therapy and overview of games, focusing on art games and games that improves team dynamics. The aim of the user research was to find out how the target group of young people feel about drawing and which other creative activities could be included to the game. The design was implemented in the Unity game engine, resulting in a working prototype for 2-4 players who can draw together in a 3D space freely, or according to the assignment within the time limit. The work also includes a description of the process and evaluation of the final user testing, which showed that the created virtual reality game has the potential to improve group dynamics, especially for players who cannot meet in the real world.