Realistic metrics of 3D scenes

Vladimír Vlček Supervisor: Jakub Hendrich Master thesis 2020
The thesis deals with analysing the complexity of 3D scenes via metrics. Values of the metrics are compared to the performance of algorithms for rendering scenes. The result of this thesis is an application written in C++ that can calculate the metrics (and save the statistics into a plain text file) and also supports visualising the scene based on the values of the metrics in an interactive environment. The user has the option to select other attributes that extend the functionality. There is also a tool available that can make incremental changes in a scene. To support testing various combinations of metrics, transformed scenes and their methods of rendering, a script has been created, which provides this functionality and also saves the output data compactly. There is also an option to automatically create graphs based on the user's need to make the visual evaluation of the results more comfortable. In the end, an evaluation is made about the relation between values of metrics and algorithms for constructing and traversing bounding volume hierarchies.