Applications to support the reduction and sorting of household waste

Eva Kopecká Supervisor: Ivo Malý Master thesis 2020
The objective of this thesis is to support the processes connected to waste separation and waste reduction in households. Its focus is aimed at informing the users and motivating them to act more environmentally conscious. The first objective of this work is to analyze the current support network of these processes, evaluate the options of the communication channels and discover their shortcomings. This work also describes user research, which uncovers the needs, knowledge, and motivation of the users as well as the problem areas of waste separation. A combination of the analysis of current solutions and the user research gives a complex overview of the problem areas of this topic. The other objective is to design a user-friendly mobile phone application based on the collected data, which uses gamification elements to support said processes. Based on the design, a Flutter framework prototype for the Android platform is created. It is then tested by users and evaluated using the diary study.