Surveillance center UI for in-hospital navigation system

Dominika Palivcová Supervisor: Miroslav Macík Bachelor thesis 2017
An indoor navigation system for hospitals is being developed at the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction at the CTU FEE. In this system, personalized navigation instructions are provided by terminals installed at appropriate spots in a hospital. The system uses a video detection for identification of navigated users. This bachelor thesis looks into the utilization of video streams from terminals and suggests another part of the navigation system - the Surveillance Center, specifically its user interface. The design process employs the User-centered design methodology, and thus it is focused on the usability of the product for the target user group. The result of the thesis is a high-fidelity prototype of the Surveillance Center implemented on the basis of the target platform of the navigation system (UIP protocol). The prototype has been tested with the target user group and is ready for integration into the complex navigation system. The Surveillance Center brings new features that should primarily contribute to improving hospital safety.
Dean's award for outstanding bachelor thesis