Making Radiance and Irradiance Caching Practical: Adaptive Caching and Neighbor Clamping

Jaroslav Křivánek Kadi Bouatouch Sumanta Pattanaik Jiří Žára
Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering, pp. 127-138, 2006
Radiance and irradiance caching are eficient global illumination algorithms based on interpolating indirect illumination from a sparse set of cached values. In this paper we propose an adaptive algorithm for guiding spatial density of the cached values in radiance and irradiance caching. The density is adapted to the rate of change of indirect illumination in order to avoid visible interpolation artifacts and produce smooth interpolated illumination. In addition, we discuss some practical problems arising in the implementation of radiance and irradiance caching, and propose techniques for solving those problems. Namely, the neighbor clamping heuristic is proposed as a robust means for detecting small sources of indirect illumination and for dealing with problems caused by ray leaking through small gaps between adjacent polygons.