Beyond traditional interaction in a mobile environment: New approach to 3D scene rendering

Computers & Graphics 30(5):714-726, 2006
In this paper the problems of user interaction in a mobile environment are investigated. Interaction in this environment imposes new requirements both on UI designers and the users. This paper deals in particular with problems of graphical interaction in a mobile environment. The interaction in a mobile environment requires new approaches that will result in a new type of rendering of graphical data. A rendering technique that enables rendering and annotation of objects in a 3D scene on mobile devices is presented. This technique is based on transformation of the 3D scene to a 2D vector graphic representation. The input 3D scene is given in the VRML format and the output 2D format is SVG. In the second part of this paper we are presenting a prototype of a voice user interface that allows users to interact with the graphical data in a mobile environment. The semantic description of the scene plays the key role in restriction of the language used for communication. The communication between the user and the mobile system is performed by means of natural language that is restricted according to the context the user is currently in. The implementation of the voice user interface is based on the existing VoiceXML platform.