Painting by Feature: Texture Boundaries for Example-based Image Creation

Michal Lukáč Jakub Fišer Jean-Charles Bazin Ondřej Jamriška Alexander Sorkine-Hornung Daniel Sýkora
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2013) 32(4):116, 2013
In this paper we propose a reinterpretation of the brush and the fill tools for digital image painting. The core idea is to provide an intuitive approach that allows users to paint in the visual style of arbitrary example images. Rather than a static library of colors, brushes, or fill patterns, we offer users entire images as their palette, from which they can select arbitrary contours or textures as their brush or fill tool in their own creations. Compared to previous example-based techniques related to the painting-by-numbers paradigm we propose a new strategy where users can generate salient texture boundaries by our randomized graph-traversal algorithm and apply a content-aware fill to transfer textures into the delimited regions. This workflow allows users of our system to intuitively create visually appealing images that better preserve the visual richness and fluidity of arbitrary example images. We demonstrate the potential of our approach in various applications including interactive image creation, editing and vector image stylization.