LazyFluids: Appearance Transfer for Fluid Animations

Ondřej Jamriška Jakub Fišer Paul Asente Jingwan Lu Eli Shechtman Daniel Sýkora
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2015) 34(4):92, 2015
In this paper we present a novel approach to appearance transfer for fluid animations based on flow-guided texture synthesis. In contrast to common practice where pre-captured sets of fluid elements are combined in order to achieve desired motion and look, we bring the possibility of fine-tuning motion properties in advance using CG techniques, and then transferring the desired look from a selected appearance exemplar. We demonstrate that such a practical work-flow cannot be simply implemented using current state-of-the-art techniques, analyze what the main obstacles are, and propose a solution to resolve them. In addition, we extend the algorithm to allow for synthesis with rich boundary effects and video exemplars. Finally, we present numerous results that demonstrate the versatility of the proposed approach.