Advanced Drawing Beautification with ShipShape

Jakub Fišer Paul Asente Stephen Schiller Daniel Sýkora
Computers & Graphics 34(1):46-58, 2016
Sketching is one of the simplest ways to visualize ideas. Its key advantage is its easy availability and accessibility, as it require the user to have neither deep knowledge of a particular drawing program nor any advanced drawing skills. In practice, however, all these skills become necessary to improve the visual fidelity of the resulting drawing. In this paper, we present ShipShapea general beautification assistant that allows users to maintain the simplicity and speed of freehand sketching while still taking into account implicit geometric relations to automatically rectify the output image. In contrast to previous approaches ShipShape works with general B?er curves, enables undo/redo operations, is scale independent, and is fully integrated into Adobe Illustrator. We show various results to demonstrate the capabilities of the proposed method.