Text Input for Motor-Impaired People

Ondřej Poláček Adam Sporka Pavel Slavík
Universal Access in the Information Society 16(1):51-72, 2017
This paper provides an overview of 150 publications on text input for motor-impaired people and describes current state of the art. We focus on common techniques of text entry including selection of keys, approaches to characters layouts, use of language models, and interaction modalities. These aspects of text entry methods are further analyzed and examples are given. The paper also focuses on an overview of reported evaluations by describing experiments, which can be conducted, to assess the performance of a text entry method. After that, we give a summary of 61 text entry methods for motor-impaired people found in the related literature and classify them according to the aforementioned aspects and reported evaluation.We found useful to assemble their overview to provide a starting point to the new researchers in the field of accessible text entry. The text entry methods are also categorized according to the suitability for various conditions of the users.