FTP-SC: Fuzzy Topology Preserving Stroke Correspondence

Wenwu Yang Hock-Soon Seah Quan Chen Hong-Ze Liew Daniel Sýkora
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of SCA 2018) 37(8):125-135, 2018
Stroke correspondence construction is a precondition for vectorized 2D animation inbetweening and remains a challenging problem. This paper introduces the FTP-SC, a fuzzy topology preserving stroke correspondence technique, which is accurate and provides the user more effective control on the correspondence result than previous matching approaches. The method employs a two-stage scheme to progressively establish the stroke correspondence construction between the keyframes. In the first stage, the stroke correspondences with high confidence are constructed by enforcing the preservation of the so-called "fuzzy topology" which encodes intrinsic connectivity among the neighboring strokes. Starting with the high-confidence correspondences, the second stage performs a greedy matching algorithm to generate a full correspondence between the strokes. Experimental results show that the FTP-SC outperforms the existing approaches and can establish the stroke correspondence with a reasonable amount of user interaction even for keyframes with large geometric and spatial variations between strokes.