An Evaluation Tool for Research of User Behavior in a Realistic Mobile Environment

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 17(1):3-14, 2013
User behavior is significantly influenced by the surrounding environment. Especially complex and dynamically changing environments (like mobile environment) are represented by a wide variety of extraneous variables, which influence the user behavior in an unpredictable and mostly uncontrolled way. For researchers, it is challenging to measure and analyze the user behavior in such environments. We introduce a complex tool the IVE tool which provides a unique way of context visualization and synchronization of measured data of various kinds. Thanks to this tool it is possible to efficiently evaluate data acquired during complex usability tests in a mobile environment. The functionality of this tool is demonstrated on the use case "Navigation of visually impaired users in the building with support of a navigation system called NaviTerier." During the experiment, we focused on collection and analysis of data that may show user stress and which may influence his/her ability to navigate. We analyzed objective data like Galvanic Skin Response parameter (GSR), Heart Rate Variability parameters (HRV) and audio video recordings and also subjective data like the user's subjective stress feeling and observation of the user's behavior.